Call Me Crissy

Photography started with a sassy girl on her way down the medical career path, her camera, and a love of all things beautiful. Over a decade later, and I am still head over heels with what I am privileged to call work. My style has been described as whimsical and romantic, but I'd like to think it is just a reflection of what I see in you. I'm a dreamer who loves chasing gorgeous light and making memories of our time together. We start as strangers and end as friends. It's really as simple as that! Beautiful moments shared by friends, captured frame by frame.

My Philosophy

I love beautiful imagery, but when you can live in that moment, that's the magical stuff.

Documenting your life with the people you love is one of the greatest treasures you can give to yourself and generations after you. I remember as a child going through my family photo albums pouring over each and every photograph wondering who these people were and what made them happy and how I related to them.

So it was natural for me to transition into a historian of sorts. With every capture I create tiny heirlooms that give a glimpse into who you are, who you love, and how you celebrate life. So 100 years from now some little girl can pour over your images and understand exactly how she is related to you and carry your reflection in her heart. 

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